Smart Illumination Technology

Harness the power of wearable tech.


TechNomad is a smart illumination system designed for apparel companies looking to expand into wearables. Our smart circuit features wireless connectivity that can be easily integrated into any type of garment or accessory, blending leading-edge technology with the latest fashion.

Our technology is designed with adaptability in mind. TechNomad can be easily modified to suit your products and meet your customers’ needs. The applications, size, and shape can be individually tailored to each garment. In addition, we take care of the complete design process, from concept to production.

What makes us different

Gesture Recognition

Illumination can be controlled through gestures to ease the interaction with the garment.

Voice Commands

TechNomad understands spoken commands which can be used to conveniently operate the device.


Appearance can be personalized by changing lighting colours and patterns.

Auto Light Detection

TechNomad can automatically activate illumination based on ambient lighting conditions.


These are some of the markets that can benefit from TechNomad:

Fashion Apparel

Launch an exclusive product collection powered by TechNomad and engage your customers with innovative features in the products they love.


Enhance your products with an added layer of safety and engagement. Illuminate runners and other sport enthusiasts in the dark or add fun elements that can improve the user’s experience when exercising.


Provide additional safety features to workers in dark and low visibility environments.



Low visibility and poor lighting conditions contribute as one of the main causes of traffic fatalities involving pedestrians, motorcyclists and bicyclists. TechNomad makes users visible and protects them by turning on automatically in low light conditions.


Enhance user experience through fun and engaging applications for the user or crowd. With TechNomad users can coordinate lighting at public events, concerts and festivals, light up a unique colour to easily be found in a crowd or match colours with friends.

TechNomad in the City


Minimize your R&D investment

At TechNomad we do all the technological heavy-lifting. Our expert design team will adapt our base system to your specific requirements and provide you with a finished solution. We help you save your R&D investment and reduce your risk.

Reduce your time-to-market

Having a technical partner helps avoid painful obstacles and shortens your time-to-market. We provide specialized and extensive support throughout the entire process, from concept to production, to ensure you have a market-ready product.

Thrive through innovation

Expand your market share and take the lead in your industry by upgrading your products with relevant and compelling technologies. Differentiate yourself with custom features that align with your customers.

About TechNomad

At TechNomad we strive to provide apparel companies with technological solutions that allow them to innovate in their markets. We specialize in developing easy-to-integrate systems that can be conveniently tailored to our customers’ needs. Our mission is to support companies in their path to creating value for their customers and businesses through product innovation.

TechNomad is a brand of NW.labs, a technology company based in Toronto, Canada that specializes in making leading-edge technology accessible and developing turnkey products. NW.labs team is composed of over a dozen in-house professional engineers, hardware designers, software developers and design specialists with extensive experience in complete electronic product development.

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